Bermad Fire Protection

Combination Pressure Control Deluge Valves

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The BERMAD Pressure Control Deluge Valves are suitable for flow control in large scale firewater systems. The valves can be activated in response to an electric, hydraulic, pneumatic, or electro-pneumatic signal. When open, the valves continuously reduce higher upstream pressure to a lower preset downstream pressure, maintaining flow per system design.

Typical Applications

■ Flow control in large scale firewater


■ Offshore platforms & installations

■ Tunnels with long supply lines

■ Petrochemical facilities

■ Power plants & transformers


Features and Benefits

■ Pressure control function –

Preserves designed flow

■ Remote reset – Shut-off on remote command

■ PORV – Enables pneumatic actuation

■ One-piece molded single moving part –

No maintenance required

■ Obstacle free, full bore – Free flow pass

■ In-line serviceable – Minimal downtime