LLFA tape

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Temperature -90oC to +260oC
Dielectric breakdown test 400VPM (15.748V/mm)
Dielectric strength At least 25000V at JIS C 2107-17
Tear strength 125 lbf/in (22.3kg/cm) or more
Water absorption Less than 0.5%
Growth rate More than 325%
Tracking resistance Prevent electric conduction along its surface
UV resistance High UV resistance
Adhesion (fusion) Standard requirements: “The tape must not be relled back over 1.0 inch (25.4mm) after three minutes with a load of 600g applied”.
Test results: LLFA tape = less than 1 inch (25.4mm)
Thermal stability -90oC to +260oC continuous
Tensile strength At least 1200 PSI (84.4kg/cm) throughout the temperature range
Breaking strength 15 pounds (6.8kg) or more
Durometer hardness 55-65
Acid and alkali When exposed for a short time, it’s not adversely affected
Can withstand immersion up to 3 days
Corena nature resistance Since it closely wraps up the joint, minimize the space where the corona can exist
Ozone resistance High ozone resistance
Self-extinguishing property Compliance with IEEE383 flammability test.
It has self-extinguishing properties and it does not spread widely.
*IEEE383: International standrards also used for conformity testing cables for nuclear power plant.
Prolonged year It works well continuously and mechanically for more than 40 years.
(Data calculated from the results of the IEC61442 IEC60502-1 test after the test according to BSEN50393:2006).