Maintenance Service

  • 04/08/2020
  • Fire alarm and detection, as well as Fire Protection systems are designed to protect people, properties and assets. No one can assure and conclude if their Fire Systems are operating properly by just looking at them? 

    Similar to other system, electronics and other electrical components be can degraded over the time and compromise the system’s operation. Such things as vandalism, remodeling, and improper maintenance procedures may cause the damage to Fire Alarm and Fire protection systems. 

    In addition, most of the projects has its owned Maintenance team, however with the high rate turn over human resources nowadays, it may cause the results of the newly technicians who are not trained properly and or don’t have much experiences and knowledges to maintain the Fire alarm and Fire protection systems according to guidelines, recommendations from the Manufactures, local TCVN codes and or NFPA standards.

    VN Tech, we have experienced, qualified engineers, technicians who are trained by the Manufacturers to help you to ensure and maintain your Fire systems are in good conditions and worked properly in order to avoid the damages and losses.

    You may want to contact us for Preventive Maintenance Services for the below :

    Fire Alarm System.
    Vesda / High Sensitive Smoke Detection / ASD system.
    Gas & Flame Detection system.
    Wet Chemical  / Kitchen Hood Suppression System.
    FM – 200 System.
    Sapphire / Novec-1230 System.
    N2 System.
    CO2 System.
    Sprinkler /Deluge/Hose Reel/Hydrant System.
    Portable Extinguishers.
    Foam System.
    Fire Pump System.
    Smoke Control System.


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